Income Investment Beginner Course (Starting 8 Jan 2024)

Income Investing:

Unlock Financial Success

The first step towards scaling the mountain of financial success through income investing! Come and EVOLVE with us!

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Allow me to be your tour guide...

Jason (Yeow Khoon) Jang aka Limpeh aka JJ Dynamite

Owner of JJDynamite LLC, Author of and Bek Chek Money: Overcoming Money Frustrations, 23 years Professional Full Time Options Income Investor, Chartered Foreign Investment Expert to the Beijing Government and famous Youtuber of Singaporean in Korea channel, World Traveller and Freedom lifestyle advocate. (DM me on my social media to chat more!)

Save Your Seat Today!

2 weeks of daily live video + 1 week hands on investing

As Seen on TV Around The World

Begin Your Journey To Financial Success

First step to releasing a lifetime of predictable income from your money through options income investing

G/I Mindset

A specialized mindset system created for winning in

the stock market

4 Building Blocks

Master how the 4 building blocks of options investing work and their deep logic

4 Stock Market Miracles

How you can harness the power of 4 stock market miracles to create endless predictable income.

Asset Creation Cycle

Learn how to put into action a holistic long term wealth building framework in your life that guarantees your financial success.





How is the course held?

It will be a 1.5 hours daily seminar with study materials over Zoom for 9 business days, followed by 1 week of practical guided hands on.

What time is the course held?

Daily classes start at 8:00am New York (Eastern Time) time.

What platform for the live sessions?

We use Zoom for our live sessions.

Do you guarantee I make money?

This is an investment education course, not a guarantee you make money course. Just like you pay for college but the college cannot guarantee you will get a job or your money back. Similarly, you pay to learn a skill and knowledge here, we do not guarantee results nor do we have a refund guarantee if you complete the course and has acquired all the knowledge and information deliverable through this course.

Which broker do you recommend?

We use Think or Swim for both paper trading and live trading because it has, in my opinion, the most user friendly interface which helps to prevent mistakes.

What do I need to prepare beforehand?

Just opening the broker account is all you need to prepare beforehand. Just a paper trading or simulated trading account for practise will do.

What is the investment?

Only $599usd for the whole 3 weeks course! (Yes, you read it correctly, not $1999!)


Discover how different your life could be when your money works harder for you...